04 agosto 2017


Man is programmed to live more than a hundred years. In a century, we have been able to double our life expectancy thanks to advances in science and medicine. However, the pace of modern life and other current factors interfere with greater longevity. These include poor diet, sedentary lifestyle, stress, alcohol, smoking and urban violence. Many of them could be avoided or mitigated. Prevention is mainly obtained with a good diet, which after the third decade must be supplemented with a vitamin. The exhaustion of the soil, the excessive industrialization of the food and the great quantity of additives, aggravate the problem. Current studies show that our ability to absorb nutrients and vitamins from food decreases as we age. However, vitamin supplements, medications and surgeries are often not enough. 21st century medicine is focused on prevention and prophylaxis is the safest route to longevity.

Plastic Surgery has as its transcendent goal the attempt to harmonize the body with the mind. Aiming to restore internal balance, allowing the patient to restructure and reconnect with himself and the universe that surrounds him. However, in addition to the anatomical limitations and particularities of each, the result can be altered by many factors. And the final interpretation of the surgery can be very beneficial for the patient prepared. On the other hand, when poorly indicated, no matter how well executed, it will never bring satisfaction to the anxious patient (Ex: patient with DDC – Body Dysmorphic Disorder). Fortunately, in most cases, many surgical and outpatient procedures are able to minimize the time marks. Blepharoplasty and Rhytidoplasty are the most performed surgeries for this purpose. Associated with the filling of wrinkles with Hyaluronic Acid gel, partial paralysis of the mimic with Botulinum toxin and the use of products that improve skin quality (such as DMAE, Alpha Lipoic Acid and Vitamin C).

Preventive Medicine is the great ally of life. After the third decade, annual medical visits are needed, where men and women need specific preventions. Professionals in each specialty should work together for the well-being of their patients. The physician-patient relationship is paramount for treatment success. A holistic approach is necessary so that there is a perfect homeostasis of our vital functions with the mind. For a growing number of psychosomatic illnesses and symptoms are found in medical offices as a reflection of modern life and overworked work. It is necessary to maintain a healthy rhythm of life, to make of work a pleasant activity interspersed with rest and meditation. Always seeking the goal for your acts, a supreme reason or simply a reason to live more and better. And this way to reach the third, the fourth, the fifth, finally, the best age.
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