Fig: Mammary ptosis with large sagging skin.


Technical Name: Mastopexy.
Part of body: flaccid female breasts.
Objectives: Remove excess skin in cases of breast fall (ptosis). Remodeling, slowing down and lifting the breast.
Recommended age: from 18 years.
Anesthesia: local with sedation for breasts with narrow base or only with excess skin.
Duration of surgery: 2 hours.
Hospital stay: from 12 to 24 hours.
Scar: inverted “T” shaped or “I” (lower vertical and around the areola). The scar is proportional to the size of the breast. The suture is internal, with no stitch marks on the skin.

Laboratory exams (Complete blood count, Coagulogram, Blood glucose, optional anti-HIV, Urine examination, E.C.G. and chest X-ray PA for over 40 years) and Medical photography. And women over 35 years are done a breast study with Mammography and Ultrasound. Avoid smoking 15 days before, at least. Do not use Acetyl Salicylic Acid (AAS, Aspirin) or Anticoagulants, as well as Ginko biloba, for 15 days before and 7 days after surgery.
Day 1: Rest in bed with headrest raised to 30 degrees. Get up just to go to the bathroom, slowly. Avoid raising your arms or making jerky movements with your arms to prevent bruising. Light diet at the end of the day. Medications taken at the hospital: Antibiotic (Keftaple 1g EV 12 / 12h), Anti-inflammatory (Prexige 400mg 01 comp. VO 01 times a day, 01 box of 04 comp.), Analgesic (Tramal 01 amp EV if you have pain). Other usual medications for vomiting, stomach, antihypertensive.
2nd day: the dressing is renewed. Medications taken at home (WITH MEDICAL RECIPE): Antibiotic (Cefadroxil 500mg VO of 12 / 12h box with 8 comp.), Antinflammatory (Biprofenid 01 comp. VO every 12 hours), Analgesic (Dipirone or Tylex 30mg VO if pain ) And the usual ones.
Day 7: The Micropore is renewed every week, and kept up to 1 month.
Day 10: If there is any skin spot, in a place of greater tension, it is removed. Most stitches are internal, and absorb with 3 months.

Recovery time: 20 to 30 days.

Associated Surgeries: Breast Prosthesis, Liposuction, Abdominoplasty