Fig .: Fouth ear due to lack of Anti-propeller in the upper 1/3, Shell hypertrophy in the middle 1/3 and Anterior lobule. Final result after preparation of anti-propellant in the cartilage with definitive suture, rotation and partial withdrawal of Concha. And retro-auricular skin removal, mainly in the lobe region.

Technical Name: Otoplasty.
Part of the body: prominent or “fanned” ears.
Objectives: To correct the three types of deformity, which together are considered as fanned ears.
1st Remove or rotate the inner part of the ear (shell) when hypertrophied;
2º To form the upper fold of the absent ear (Anti-propeller); or yet
3º decrease the very open angle between the head and the ear.
Recommended age: from 7 years.
Anesthesia: local with sedation in adults, general in children.
Duration of surgery: 1 to 2 hours.
Hospital stay: 12 hours.
Scar: no visible scar. The scar is hidden in the fold behind the ear.

Laboratory tests (Complete blood count, Coagulogram, Blood glucose, optional anti-HIV, Urine examination, E.C.G. and chest x-ray PA for over 40 years) and Medical photography. Do not use Acetyl Salicylic Acid (ASA, Aspirin) or anticoagulant medications, as well as Ginko biloba, for 15 days before and 7 days after surgery.

Day 1: Rest in bed with headrest raised to 30 degrees. Get up just to go to the bathroom, slowly. Bandage dressing protecting the ears should be worn for 3 days and then it is necessary to wear a band for one week and the night for thirty days. Avoid lowering your head or making jerky movements to avoid bruising. Light diet at the end of the day. Medications taken at the hospital: Antibiotic (Kefara 1g EV of 12 / 12h), Anti-inflammatory (Profenid 01 amp EV of 12 / 12h), Analgesic (Tramal 01 amp EV if you have pain). Other usual medications for vomiting, stomach, antihypertensive.
2nd day: the dressing is renewed. Medications taken at home (WITH MEDICAL RECIPE): Antibiotic (Cefadroxil 500mg VO of 12 / 12h box with 8 comp.), Anti-inflammatory (Biprofenid 01 comp. VO every 12 hours), Analgesic (Dipirone or Tylex 30mg VO if pain) And the usual ones. We used elastic band on the neck to sleep for a week, to avoid bruising and protect the scar at night.
10th day: the points are internal. Usually, it is not necessary to remove them.

Recovery time: 10 to 20 days.

Otoplasty Care

Apply topical antiseptic (70% alcohol, colorless Merthiolate or Rifocin spray) on the scar.
Sleep from dorsal decubitus (belly up), and exercises only after 1 month.
Do not pick up sun for at least 2 months. Photoprotector 30 FPS daily.
Edema: decreases 50% with 1 month and 100% with 2 months.
In case of a high scar, massage for one minute with Rosehip Cream at 15% + Tamoxifen Citrate 0,1%; Or 0.5% Triamcinolone + 0.5% Hydrocortisone. In case of reddish scar, use Kelo-cote gel 2 times a day.
The scar may turn red for up to 6 months. In this case, do not expose yourself to the sun and avoid crustacean.
Return for one month, two, four, and six month reviews. Final return for photography and possible retouching with one year.